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Situated in a building deeply rich with local history, Homer Street Café stops you in your tracks as soon as you enter the room. Featuring an open-concept Rotisserie, this upscale Café is known for a focus on its juicy and perfectly seasoned chicken - so much so, that with an order of chickpea dip and bread thins you get a crispy, fried chicken skin. By sourcing from BC estates like Salt Spring Island's Foxglove Farm, the team behind Homer Street's menu is committed to seeking out humanely raised proteins and freshly harvested produce - a place where nothing sits in a fridge or on a shelf for longer than it should.

Homer Street Café offers a classic home-style menu, giving Vancouver's nostalgic a cozy refuge in an increasingly adventurous and eccentric restaurant scene. Meat, potatoes, and slaw are featured prominently, but without the blandness their reputations bear, and where a chic, fine-dining experience outshines any risk of conceptual fatigue.

Fortunately for the locavore, Homer Street Café doesn't isolate. "Yes, we grow that Sage on our roof." a server informs us, then stops to further explain how the sous-chefs can easily pick garnishes as fresh as imaginably possible by simply heading upstairs.

In partnering with Growing Chef's 'Farms to Forks' program, Homer Street Café donates the proceeds from marked dishes on their menu to the organization. This type of crowdsourced funding helps the program teach kids what it means to grow their own food and how Vancouver, as a growing city, can move forward with a better grasp on urban agriculture.

While they lead by example with these types of "seed-to-table" initiatives, the menu could still do with a few more leafy green options to showcase their efforts, especially with one of the lushest patios around. A big bowl of rooftop foliage, a few slices of their BC boernenkaas cheese, and a glass of their Oliver, BC Kanazawa Rosé would make for a perfect summer patio evening.